CLA Services

What services does CLA offer?

CLA offers various programs including CIP/COP Service Coordination, Medical Assistance Personal Care (MAPC), and Contracted Personal Care Services through Managed Care Organizations. CLA also provide services through CLA Care Solutions, a program for individuals who are interested in purchasing services privately.

Depending on the program, services offered may include:

  • personal care
    • bathing
    • grooming
    • dressing
    • bathroom assistance
  • housekeeping
  • meal preparation
  • grocery shopping
  • errands
  • chores
  • medication reminders
  • case management.

CLA provides equal opportunity service delivery to all qualified clients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, citizenship status, marital status, sexual preference, political beliefs, disability, and any other characteristic prohibited by law.

Community Living Alliance Services

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