Community Integration/Community Options Program

What are CIP (Community Integration Program) and COP (Community Options Program)?

CIP and COP are long-term support programs offering coordination of community-based services and in-home assistance for people with physical disabilities and long-term illnesses.

CIP/COP staff includes seasoned professionals with social work, mental health and nursing expertise who are committed to supporting all clients wishing to live with dignity and independence.

Client choice, self-direction, service flexibility and individualized supports are key elements of the CIP/COP program.To learn more about CIP/COP in Wisconsin, visit, In Dane County, CIP/COP programs are accessed through Community Living Alliance (CLA).

What services does CIP/COP offer?

In addition to Service Coordination, CIP/COP offers other services based on individual needs and outcomes. CIP/COP staff develop highly individualized service plans with each client. Types of services offered include:

  • Adaptive equipment
  • Assisted living services such as those provided in Adult Family Homes, Community Based Residential Facilities or Residential Care Apartment Complexes
  • Day centers
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • Home-delivered meals or meal preparation in the home
  • Housekeeping and chore services
  • Personal care services such as bathing and dressing that are not billable to Medical Assistance
  • Specialized medical supplies
  • Transportation

Clients in CIP/COP can use their Forward Card, Medicare and/or other private insurance for their health care. CIP/COP clients can simultaneously receive services through CLA's Medical Assistance Personal Care Program. Clients have the option to employ their workers through a fiscal agent arrangement. This enables the worker providing support services to be employed by the client rather than by CLA. For more information about fiscal agent workers, visit:

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, a person must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 64 at the time of enrollment (CIP/COP helps people age over their lifespan; age requirements apply only at the time of enrollment. CIP/COP cannot serve children under the age of 18, but CLA serves children through its Medical Assistance Personal Care Program.)
  • Be a Dane County resident
  • Have a long-term irreversible illness or physical disability which substantially impacts daily functioning
  • Meet financial eligibility requirements based on income and assets


These programs are provided under contract with Dane County Department of Human Services.


These programs are provided under contract with Dane County Department of Human Services.



Application Info:

To apply to CIP/COP, contact CLA Intake at (608) 242-8335 and speak with one of our knowledgeable Intake Outreach Coordinators.

To begin the application process, CLA Intake staff will perform a brief assessment by phone and will follow up with an in-home visit to develop a more detailed plan.


Community Living Alliance Community Integration Program

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