Comprehensive Community Services

CLA is a provider within the Dane County Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) network, offering a variety of services within the CCS Service Array to adults:

  • Service facilitation
  • Service planning
  • Screening and assessment

Service Facilitation includes assessment and service planning, as well as coordination and monitoring activities that ensure the CCS participant receives the supports and services needed in an appropriate and timely manner. To download the Service Facilitation handout click here.

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CLA also offers:

  • Physical Health Monitoring
  • Individual Skill Development and Enhancement
  • Individual and/or Family Psychoeducation
  • Wellness Management
  • Psychotherapy

CLA has rich history in supporting individuals with all disabilities and those who have chronic health or pain conditions and mental health challenges. We partner with individuals to gain insight through education to effectively manage their symptoms and uncover barriers to achieve their recovery goals.

CLA is unique in understanding the impact of mobility and chronic pain and other issues which may limit an individual’s ability to participate in therapy outside of the home. Therefore, CLA provides in-home as well as traditional office services.

CLA embraces the principles of trauma-informed care and has a rich understanding and respect for an individual’s journey towards health and wellbeing. We recognize the impact of social isolation and see great value in promoting opportunities for community connections and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Contact CLA Intake Outreach Coordinator at (608) 242-8335 to make a referral.

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This program is provided under contract with Dane County Department of Human Services.