Support Brokers

Support Broker services are designed for individuals who seek assistance planning, securing, and managing self-directed supports. Support Brokers are hired by people with disabilities, or their families, to help them navigate systems and programs…

CLA Support Brokers are knowledgeable about the local service system and community resources available in your area. These services are often funded through Long Term Care programs (IRIS, iCare, My Choice WI, etc.) or can be paid with private funds.

CLA Support Brokers can help you in a variety of ways. First, your Support Broker will meet with you to understand your needs and how we can best support you. We will then work together to create an individualized agreement and service plan where we will outline the activities we will work on together to meet your needs.  This plan is person-centered, meaning it is created and directed by you. The plan will be revisited at least twice per year and can be updated anytime. 

If you are interested in Support Broker services or have any questions, contact our Intake Department at (608) 242-8335.

How Can Support Brokers Help You?

Below are some examples of the services CLA Support Brokers can provide.  

Support Coordination

  • Assist clients in finding and connecting with community resources.
  • Support clients in recruiting and hiring a caregiver.
  • Assistance in planning or coordinating services for life transitions, employment opportunities, and other areas of need.

Health Promotion and Medical Coordination

  • Communication and advocacy liaison between medical providers and client through phone calls, attending medical appointments, follow up, and other means of support. 
  • Health education and health promotion support 
  • Assistance with scheduling transportation

Community Integration and Participation

  • Support to identify people, places, and activities to be involved with 
  • Assistance to connect to people, places, and activities 
  • Troubleshooting community connection logistics and breaking down barriers 
  • Assistance in connecting to resources to find accessible, affordable housing

Communication and Advocacy

  • Support clients in communicating needs to providers and others.  
  • Advocacy with individuals and providers

Benefits Coordination

  • Assistance navigating public benefits applications and renewals 
  • Review and explanation of public benefits paperwork and notices

*If you have a need that is not listed call our Intake Department at (608) 242-8335  to inquire about possible supportive services.