Support Brokers

Support Brokers are individuals who assist people in planning, securing and directing supports and services. We want to help you live in a healthy, safe manner in a home and community of your choosing.

CLA  Support Broker services are designed with you in mind.  You select the Support Broker who will assist you.  The plan we help you achieve is created and directed by you. You are in the driver’s seat.

CLA Support Brokers can help you in a variety of ways. We will have an individualized agreement with you outlining what activities we will complete, along with a detailed explanation of how much those services will cost. The plan will be revisited at least twice per year and can be changed anytime.

Select a Support Broker from the list below to learn more about them and the services offered by CLA Support Brokers. Contact our Intake Department at (608) 242-8335 or contact a Support Broker directly for more information. To download the Support Broker handout click here.

How Can Support Brokers Help You?

Following are just some examples of how CLA Support Brokers can help you.  Services can be purchase by using IRIS funds, through your Managed Care Organization (MCO) Self-Directed Services program, or using private pay funds.

Employer Support

  • Assistance with recruiting and hiring employees
  • Troubleshooting employer/employee relations
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Verification of employee paperwork, including timesheets and employee payroll related documents

CLA Support Brokers

  • Are screened and pass the required caregiver and criminal background check requirements
  • Are knowledgeable about the local service system and community resources available in your area
  • Have experience working with people with disabilities and seniors

Support Coordination

  • Planning and facilitating team meetings
  • Resource and referral
  • Transition, employment or move planning and coordination
  • Finding and implementing transportation resources

Health Promotion and Medical Coordination

  • Attending medical appointments
  • Communication liaison between medical providers
  • Health education and health promotion support
  • Assistance with scheduling transportation
  • Nurse support and advocacy
  • Transition and discharge planning
  • Mandatory abuse and/or neglect reporting

Community Integration and Participation

  • Support to identify people, places and activities to be involved with
  • Assistance to connect to people, places and activities
  • Troubleshooting community connection logistics and breaking down barriers
  • Assistance finding accessible, affordable housing

Communication and Advocacy

  • Conflict resolution/mediation
  • Lifestyle coaching and support
  • Advocacy with individuals and providers

Benefits Coordination

  • Assistance with public benefits applications
  • Assistance navigating public benefits renewals
  • Review and explanation of public benefits paperwork and notices