Wellness Solutions

CLA Wellness Solutions Overview

The CLA Community Support Coordination team provides a unique range of community based behavioral health and service coordination supports.  Individuals eligible for this service are affiliated with Dane County Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) network, private insurance, and Wisconsin’s long term care programs known as Family Care, Family Care Partnership and IRIS.

A more detailed list of services provided by this team is provided below.

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Comprehensive Community Supports (CCS)

  • Providing individual skill development, medication management, physical health monitoring, psychotherapy, and service facilitation to qualifying community members.
  • Assisting adults with mental health or drug and alcohol diagnosis to learn skills that provide them greater independence.
  • Participating in networking with other CCS agencies as a means of assisting both the clients we work with well as other agencies clients.
  • Assisting in transfers of CLA Clients to other CCS agencies and vice versa.
  • Attend monthly service director and TA meetings with the director of CCS as to stay updated with program guidelines and changes.

CLA is unique in understanding the impact of mobility and chronic pain and other issues which may limit an individual’s ability to participate in therapy outside of the home. Therefore, CLA provides in-home as well as traditional office services.

CLA embraces the principles of trauma-informed care and has a rich understanding and respect for an individual’s journey towards health and wellbeing. We recognize the impact of social isolation and see great value in promoting opportunities for community connections and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Behavioral Health Supports

  • Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with both behavioral health clients and client case managers.
  • Assisting adults with disabilities, chronic health conditions, and our elderly to regain independence and skills to maintain a suitable quality of life.
  • Providing evidenced based mental health treatment to clients in need of assistance.
  • Maintain authorizations with long term care organizations.
  • Provide training in mental health related topics to staff members as needed.

Support Broker or Transition Services

  • Identifying and assessing needs of clients.
  • Consistent communication with client’s case managers, IRIS Consultant or other supports, as needs change.
  • Assisting client’s with any of the following; communication and advocacy with medical appointments, understanding and filling out support documents, housing application assistance, medication management, scheduling rides, increasing community connections and managing ongoing appointments.
  • Assisting clients in retaining their direct care employees.

Eligibility and Payment Options:

CLA accepts private payments and contracts directly with the following funders:

  • Dane County Adult Community Services
  • Private insurance (MHS, Anthem, iCare)
  • Wisconsin’s long term care programs known as Children’s Long Term Support Services (CLTS) Family Care, Family Care Partnership and IRIS.
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Supported Living Agency Partners

This program is provided under contract with Dane County Department of Human Services.

Partnered Organizations