Updates from Community Living Alliance

November 2017

Did you know?

  • Community Living Alliance was recognized by In Business Magazine as #36 of the top 100 largest employers in Dane County.
  • Community Living Alliance (CLA) has been a trusted service provider in Dane County for nearly thirty years.
  • CLA will continue to be a trusted provider of services in Dane County and surrounding counties, during and after the 2018 Family Care transition, by providing supports and services no matter which long-term care program an individual chooses.
  • CLA will continue our core programs, including CLA Medical Assistance Personal Care for children under 18 not enrolled in Family Care, Family Care Partnership or IRIS.
  • CLA Medical Assistance Personal Care will continue to be available for adults over 18 with disabilities and for seniors not enrolled in Family Care, Family Care Partnership or IRIS.
  • CLA services such as personal care and supportive home care will continue to be available for Family Care and Family Care Partnership members in Dane County through contracts we currently hold, or intend to hold, with the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) such as Care Wisconsin, iCare and My Choice.
  • CLA Medical Assistance Personal Care is available to IRIS participants in Dane County and the surrounding counties who want to use the MAPC card benefit available to IRIS participants.

CLA is excited to announce NEW services available November, 2017:

  • Support Broker Services. If you need assistance planning, securing and directing self-directed supports, then CLA Support Broker services might be right for you. Support Broker services are similar in many ways to Service Coordinator services and are individualized to meet your needs. Contact CLA Intake to learn more about our new Support Broker program, and during options counseling, ask the ADRC how Support Broker services might fit into your IRIS or managed care program plans.
  • Behavioral Health Services.  CLA currently provides individualized in-home counseling services and client group services.   If you are interested in having a counselor meet with you in your home or attending support group meetings, contact CLA Intake to learn more, and, during options counseling, ask the ADRC how these services could fit into your IRIS or managed care plans.

CLA is committed to serving children with disabilities, adults with disabilities and chronic health conditions and seniors now and in the future. We appreciate serving our current clients and look forward to continuing to serve our community.

Remember: Community Living Alliance urges everyone to attend options counseling and to get long-term care program information directly from the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).  The ADRC is the designated place for you to get answers to your questions about long-term care.  The ADRC is the only place to go to for options counseling.  Community Living Alliance does not intend to influence any person’s choice regarding IRIS, Family Care or Family Care Partnership.  This newsletter is intended to provide you with the latest CLA agency news and updates.

After you make your enrollment decision, if you want to receive services from CLA, let us know. Whether you are a current client or a new one, we’d be happy to assist with your planning process, no matter which long-term care program you choose.  CLA is here for you.

Stay up to date on CLA news. Follow us on Facebook, check our website for updates, or sign up for one of our email distribution lists. Contact CLA Intake at infoa@mdn-pubweb-deb10.clanet.org with any service questions.

We appreciate the chance to serve our community and look forward to hearing from you!